Thursday, May 3, 2007

Smoking Ban Outline


According to Gannet News Service, secondhand smoke is responsible for 38,000 heart disease and lunch cancer related deaths.
-Smoking and secondhand smoke is a problem
-Should be banned in the Twin Cities
-Reasons why people smoke
A ban of smoking in public places in the Twin Cities will keep the air clean, and save many lives by preventing secondhand smoke.

Body One:
A smoking ban in St. Paul and Minneapolis public places will improve the health of Minnesotans.
There should be a smoking ban.
-Improve health
-Clean air
-Less deaths
-Attract more people to the cities if clean and smoke-free
-Smoking is an unneccesary danger

Body Two:
Cigarettes and secondhand smoke is costing our economy unnecessary dollars, a smoking ban will prevent these costs and save Minnesota money.
-According to Gannet News Service, secondhand smoke is costing th economy $10 billion in lost wages and medical costs.
-Save money for state

-Smoke damages electronics, costing money

Body Three:
Smokers feel that it is their right to be able to smoke
-They want places to smoke
-Some think separate bars
-Smoking/Nonsmoking areas in public places

Body Four:
Some people believe that it is a lost cause, and smokers will quit when they want to quit.
-Quit when ready
-Others can avoid them
-It's their choice

Body Five:
I believe that a smoking ban should be put into action in the Twin Cities.
-Unnecessary health risks
-Costs state and citizens too much money
-Save lives
-No secondhand smoke