Thursday, May 3, 2007

Smoking Ban Outline


According to Gannet News Service, secondhand smoke is responsible for 38,000 heart disease and lunch cancer related deaths.
-Smoking and secondhand smoke is a problem
-Should be banned in the Twin Cities
-Reasons why people smoke
A ban of smoking in public places in the Twin Cities will keep the air clean, and save many lives by preventing secondhand smoke.

Body One:
A smoking ban in St. Paul and Minneapolis public places will improve the health of Minnesotans.
There should be a smoking ban.
-Improve health
-Clean air
-Less deaths
-Attract more people to the cities if clean and smoke-free
-Smoking is an unneccesary danger

Body Two:
Cigarettes and secondhand smoke is costing our economy unnecessary dollars, a smoking ban will prevent these costs and save Minnesota money.
-According to Gannet News Service, secondhand smoke is costing th economy $10 billion in lost wages and medical costs.
-Save money for state

-Smoke damages electronics, costing money

Body Three:
Smokers feel that it is their right to be able to smoke
-They want places to smoke
-Some think separate bars
-Smoking/Nonsmoking areas in public places

Body Four:
Some people believe that it is a lost cause, and smokers will quit when they want to quit.
-Quit when ready
-Others can avoid them
-It's their choice

Body Five:
I believe that a smoking ban should be put into action in the Twin Cities.
-Unnecessary health risks
-Costs state and citizens too much money
-Save lives
-No secondhand smoke

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation - Eight

St. Paul Pioneer Press
David Hanners
Jan 25, 1998
Tobacco's Effects Historically Given Little Media Coverage

The damage that tobacco and nicotine does to a person is incredible. And the fact that it is not publicized everywhere all the time is even more incredible. Tobacco companies have not been criticized enough. They need to let everyone know all the information about cigarettes and take the responsibility for what cigarettes do to people. The state of Minnesota and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota have been trying to get reimbursed for the large amount of medical costs. They have been sueing large tobacco companies. Tobacco companies have artificially increased the amount of nicotine in their brand of cigarettes. When this was discovered, the government charged a company with a criminal case, yet the case was not publicized much at all. More situations like this need to be out in the public for people to see and understand.

Annotation - Seven

United Press International
Peggy Peck and Edward Susman
Jan 30, 2004
Smoking: Habit Persists Despite '64 Report

Peggy Peck and Edward Susman describe the history of the use of cigarettes and how the tobacco company manipulated and still controls smokers. In 1964 the information was let loose into the world that should have changed peoples' smoking habits. It was well known that tobacco and smoking can cause lung cancer and other horrible diseases and symptoms. Everyone was aware of this fact. However, people did not stop smoking and about 450,000 lives are lost each year thanks to tobacco. Tobacco companies know all of the ways to get a person hooked on smoking. Nicotine is addictive, and it is one of the main ingredients in a cigarette. Also, in the 1960s cigarettes made the user look sexy and intelligent and happy. Ads glorified cigarettes. The amount of smokers has decreased over the past decades, but it is still too high.

Annotation - Six

Life Science Weekly
Editors from staff
Nov 23, 2004
Smoking Among University of Minnesota Students Declines

This article states facts about the amount of students from the University of Minnesota that smoke. In the late 1990s the smoking rates were much higher, at about 42%. That means out of all the students, almost half of them smoked cigarettes. Over the years, that number has gradually decreased to about 27%. That is still a high amount of students that smoke, but it is much better than the previous years. The most cigarettes are sold to eighteen to 24-year-olds, which is about the main age group that attends this university. Officials are attempting to have a public smoking ban at the University of Minnesota. Some students strongly support this idea, while others strongly disagree with it. One student explained that he thinks it is a waste of time and that people will quit if they want to on their own time. People that are for the smoking ban believe that it is extremely important to ban smoking to avoid the many health risks and dangers from secondhand smoke.

Annotation - Five

Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week
Editors from staff
Nov 6, 2004
Minnesota County Approves New Restriction on Smoking

The editors from the staff of Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week discuss the debate of a state-wide smoking ban. Hennepin County has already taken action on the ban. A smoking ban has been activated, and violators have a price to pay. Smokers caught in the non smoking area will recieve a misdemeanor. Putting a ban on smoking in a large county will put pressure on the state to go forward with a smoking ban. Commissioner Gail Dorfman thinks that the smoking ban is unnecessary and overcontrolling. Some agree with the idea that smokers have the right to smoke in public. Others feel strongly for a smoking ban to reduce all of the health risks and dangers that comes from secondhand smoke.

Annotation - Four

American Academy of Family Physicians
April 1, 2007
Caroline Wellbery
Smoking Ban Has Health Benefits for Bar Workers

A study was done on a large group or workers from a bar. Tests and surveys were given one month before the smoking ban was put into action. Many of the workers and respiratory and sensory problems. The ban was put into place and tests were taken on the workers one month after. Symptoms had drastically decreased and the bar workers felt more healthy. The workers with asthma were effected the most by the secondhand smoke. Results of the smoking ban showed that the bar was a healthier and cleaner environment. It was recorded that bartenders with asthma had the most improvements due to the smoking ban. Smoking bans should be put into action in more bars since there is evidence of drastic improvements in the health of people. Just one month of no secondhand smoke makes a huge difference in many of the symptoms from the smoke.

Annotation - Three

USA Today
John L. Indo
March 8, 2007
Ban Smoking at Public Institutions

The effects of smoking are discussed in this article. A ban on smoking at universities is now being decided on. John L. Indo explains the dangers of smoking at a university, and anywhere else in this case. Smoking is an extremely avoidable danger to everyone who smokes and everyone around people that smoke. It causes countless health problems. Smoking in a dorm is considered dangerous. There are a lot of flammable objects sitting in dorm rooms that could easily start on fire. Smoking can also easily damage electronics from the chemicals that are emitted from the smoke. Non smoking students should not have to constantly worry about the many health risks they have from the smokers in their dorm room. Also, they shouldn't have to wonder if they will come home to a burned down room or broken computer.