Friday, February 9, 2007

Day Three - Problem At Tartan

The passing time between classes has been shortened this year which resulted in more tardies. The passing time needs to be longer in order to reduce the high tardy counts. Charlie, a senior at Tartan High School, says that he's tardy at least once every couple of days because of the shortened passing time. The excessive number of tardies shows that there is not enough time between classes. Sitting in class, I notice more kids than last year trickling in to class after the bell. Some students think that passing time is for talking to friends and hanging around in the hallway. I see many groups of kids standing in the halls when they should be heading off to class. Some classes are far away from each other, so it's hard to stop at your locker and make it to the next class. These reasons contribute to why students get so many tardies. There are more than one ways to fix this problem. One way is that the time between classes could be lengthened. Another way is that students could stop chatting with friends in the hall way and walk quicker to their classroom. Students could also bring the books they need for several classes with them at one time.


Ninja said...

great job with the problem solution. That is a true problem and you adressed it very well. good job!

Muakong Vang said...

clearly state which side of the arguement u r on.