Monday, February 5, 2007

RAFT Assignment

In Katherine Kersten's article, she explains how children in society today are rude and demanding. I somewhat agree with her. Many kids are extremely rude to everyone around them, but there are also many kids who are polite. Kersten claims that children who are disruptive are that way because their parents didn't not say "no" enough. This is true, but you also have to take in other considerations such as their personalities, the type of people they live with, or life experiences that make them that way. Saying "no" to children all the time won't make them perfectly polite. Kersten's solution to this problem is to make the children realize they can't always have what they want.

I think that it is going to take more than just constantly telling a child "no" to get them to behave. Adults and teenagers around children should always be good role models. Kids look up to older people, especially teenagers, so showing them how to be polite would help them. Denying children what they want will help, but only a small bit. Kids need to be taught proper etiquette at a young age. Families should also demonstrate how to be polite so that children can grow up that way. All of those methods should be used to teach children the correct way to behave.

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