Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation - Three

USA Today
John L. Indo
March 8, 2007
Ban Smoking at Public Institutions

The effects of smoking are discussed in this article. A ban on smoking at universities is now being decided on. John L. Indo explains the dangers of smoking at a university, and anywhere else in this case. Smoking is an extremely avoidable danger to everyone who smokes and everyone around people that smoke. It causes countless health problems. Smoking in a dorm is considered dangerous. There are a lot of flammable objects sitting in dorm rooms that could easily start on fire. Smoking can also easily damage electronics from the chemicals that are emitted from the smoke. Non smoking students should not have to constantly worry about the many health risks they have from the smokers in their dorm room. Also, they shouldn't have to wonder if they will come home to a burned down room or broken computer.

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