Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation - Four

American Academy of Family Physicians
April 1, 2007
Caroline Wellbery
Smoking Ban Has Health Benefits for Bar Workers

A study was done on a large group or workers from a bar. Tests and surveys were given one month before the smoking ban was put into action. Many of the workers and respiratory and sensory problems. The ban was put into place and tests were taken on the workers one month after. Symptoms had drastically decreased and the bar workers felt more healthy. The workers with asthma were effected the most by the secondhand smoke. Results of the smoking ban showed that the bar was a healthier and cleaner environment. It was recorded that bartenders with asthma had the most improvements due to the smoking ban. Smoking bans should be put into action in more bars since there is evidence of drastic improvements in the health of people. Just one month of no secondhand smoke makes a huge difference in many of the symptoms from the smoke.

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