Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation - Five

Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week
Editors from staff
Nov 6, 2004
Minnesota County Approves New Restriction on Smoking

The editors from the staff of Obesity, Fitness & Wellness Week discuss the debate of a state-wide smoking ban. Hennepin County has already taken action on the ban. A smoking ban has been activated, and violators have a price to pay. Smokers caught in the non smoking area will recieve a misdemeanor. Putting a ban on smoking in a large county will put pressure on the state to go forward with a smoking ban. Commissioner Gail Dorfman thinks that the smoking ban is unnecessary and overcontrolling. Some agree with the idea that smokers have the right to smoke in public. Others feel strongly for a smoking ban to reduce all of the health risks and dangers that comes from secondhand smoke.

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