Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation - Two

Gannett News Service
Pamela Brogan
Dec 28, 2005
Smoking Bans Become More Popular to Curb Effects of Secondhand Smoke

In this article, Pamala Brogan discusses the horrible health risks of secondhand smoke. It causes many non smokers to develop heart disease, and/or lung cancer. Many bars and restaurants are beginning to ban smoking. A possible smoking ban in public places upsets many smokers, and some believe that the ban is discrimination against smokers. If more public places do put the smoking ban in order, it will save our economy billions of dollars in health costs and lost wages. One smoker suggests that the solution to this problem is that there should be smoking-only bars. This way smokers and non smokers can be separated. Many cities and states have put the ban in place and are enforcing it and many more are considering the ban.

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